Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Its A Girl!

hello. as you have all heard, ITS A GIRL! Lucy Monroe is making her way into our lives and i can't say it enough but, She has already completely stolen our hearts.

Everything checked out great at our last appointment, im fine and baby is fine, (*phew). I have finally gained a pound and a half!! yay!! (i never thought id say yay to that) and the doc is pleased.

I have completed the registry ( well at least for now, and finally made up my mind on bedding ( I have chosen furniture and somehow talked my mom into buying some of it.

Its all coming together and it amazes me every day!

what a beautiful little girl i get to have all thanks to Jesus!

talk to ya soon, thanks for reading

1 comment:

  1. How AWESOME!!!"Talked your Mom into buying it?" *snort* As if that was possible. She's over the moon about the baby!! So happy for you all!